​​​For a Deluxe pampering experience ,all of our Luxury Bath sessions include:

​*Coat & Body Check - to detect any possible skin/coat issues

​*D-Fluff & Brush - detangle hairs & eliminate naughty matting

​*Deluxe Conditioning Shampoo - A luxury line of shampoo and conditioners​​ that meet you pooches breed, skin type, coat type

​*Delicate Ear Cleaning - a gentle ear cleaning that removes outside wax build up.

​*Hand Fluff & Dry - since  refuse to use stressful and dangerous cage drying . A hand held K9 system is used along with our "Happy Hoodies" to protect ears from dryer noise

​*Paw massage & Nail Trim - your pooch will be pampered during this relaxing paw massage that will improve circulation and rough paw pads . Nails will be trimmed & buffed

​*Stylish Accessories - The Final Touch to your loved ones Luxury Spa Bath. Pretty bows for girls and bandannas for the boys

​Deluxe Full Grooming & Styling ​...

​*All of our Deluxe Grooming & Styling sessions start with a Luxury Bath Experience of which all of the pampering services described above are INCLUDED.

​*Additionally, your loved one will be styled by a certified professional stylist for a perfect Deluxe look.

​Please visit our Facebook page to see some of our pampered pooches

​​​​​Luxury Baths​...​when a haircut is not yet necessary , but just a fresh bath to indulge your loved one.

​*All Dogs must present a copy of an up-to-date rabies certificate. It is state law that all dogs have rabies vaccine. Your dog will NOT be groomed with out rabies certificate.

​         ​​​​​Upscale Tails ​​​​​MOBILE PET GROOMING

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