​         ​​​​​Upscale Tails ​​​​​MOBILE PET GROOMING

​​​Pampering Time 

Please expect ​ 1 1/2  to 2 hours of Grooming time.

***Geriatric fur babies require lots of TLC***

Pampering  your pooch takes TIME !!!​ 

In order to give your fur baby a stress free grooming experience Upscale Tails ​may elect to stop the grooming process at any time during the visit and have your pet rescheduled in order to prevent fear of grooming. This is for your pets mental stability and creates TRUST between the Groomer and your fur baby. Forcing a dog to be groomed will only cause them to become fearful & not trust the groomer. Please understand that it is our intent to complete every groom with your furry companions BEST interest in mind.

​Aggressive Dog Rule:


Upscale Tails understands the delicate relationship between Groomer, Owner and your furry loved one. This is why we offer a "MEET & GREET visit. This visit is about 20 minutes and is of NO CHARGE to you if you are within a 5 to 10 mile radius of Upscale Tails. The visit will include an introduction with your Professional Pet Stylist and your furry family member,  questions that you may have about Mobile dog grooming, a chance for your fur baby to go inside the grooming van to get familiarized with the equipment and  the groomer on a one on one basis. Upon leaving the mobile grooming van they will get a treat for doing a great job!

Treats are provided by Upscale Tails ​UNLESS  you would like us to use your own treats, we are happy to do so.


You will be asked by your groomer if your dog BITES. If your dog is aggressive and bites & you know this.....Please INFORM the groomer as to what extent the dog become aggressive. If your dog is afraid, Upscale Tails can handle mild fear and address it with care and time. Your dog might need several visit in order to develop trust with the groomer. Therefore, a grooming session may not be performed .There is a $20.00 Service Fee for coming to your home. You might elect to have "mini visits" like this to develop trust.

​​​Meet & Greet Visit